February 26, 2015


I write a poem
Maybe you're going to regret
And others wrote a poem
Although they regretted after leaving
Look at the impact of a poem
It leads to birth and the death of hope

شعری مینویسم
شاید از رفتن پشیمان شدی
و دیگران شعری نوشتند 
بعد از یک رفتن
که پشیمان بودند از آن
ببین تاثیرِ شعر را
که به زایش
و مرگِ امیدی
منجر میشود

February 5, 2015



Step by step 
It's the cause that forgets me 
When she is down 

I am burning in these days 
the wind whispered something 
about her
She denied life with its much love
Oh, she beats me right now 
She denied me, but how
Step by steps, I am absorbing 
I am burning once again 
I was devalued again
I lost my identity how possible
She denied me now
She will drown in this deep song that I write, 
Why she cried now
She leaves me now 
Step by step 
I am burning in these days 
I am love
I am burning in these days
As you leave me alone

December 25, 2014

قاب عکس :

در قاب عکسی رهایت میکنم
او هست و من صدایش نکنم
احساساتم را فروختم به دوره گردی
که به جای من اواز میخواند و مینوازد برایت
ان هنگام که مغرور بودی و عشق درونت پوسید
دوستت دارم ها جمع شدند و زیر
بید مجنون دفن گشتند
هر چند اکنون
دیدگانت را بی اختیار محدود کردند
به تنها نقطه تاریکی از گذشته
که افسوس من را در آن پیدا کردند
من میبینمت و میجویمت در زیر برگی
در قاب عکسی بل جاده تک درختی
که منتظر عبور توست
مونا فریدونی

November 24, 2014


I came from a legend .
as your memory
gave me my permanent home, 
I know , now you forget me or changed me ...
NO ,please don't kill me or ignored me..
Hey hey wake up then look up
I am not your choices even your hopeless
I am only a viator by auto sensor
I will come cause
my home was your former dream ...
Please send me back before you loved me , Em ...Oh
send me back, BAAAA...CK
BY Mona Feridooni

November 18, 2014

winter comes

The silence breaks so cold

And break my heart
Something starts to freeze
I think it was my soul
Oh , my poor soil
IT was as a dead body
And the sun will cry
And will absorb when trees are dying
No flower , no lover can 
Lives without soul
Can you feel it
Or guess it
Yes sun is frozen at the horizon 
After a wild wind blows

 It shows it is frozen time 

Yeah winter comes

And winter will comes, 
Frozen times , winter comes

November 13, 2014


he takes a gun 
and kill the sun
 he feels crazy 
or maybe an empty
 without pause 
he screams and shots 
he says your light is dark
I can not see your face 
and can not feel your light 
cause I have no eye
 hey God do you feel 
I have no eyes

November 11, 2014

Simple love

I look at your eyes It shines ... We drink a lot wine We do not care to pass the timeBut we think it is wrong We are two separate menThat we want to be in oneAnd it means a simple loveYeah simple love Splash shadow color for that day We never forget what happen Before simple love 

September 24, 2014